Drum Line

Battery and Front Ensemble, it is expected that you review all the warm-ups in the packet that pertain to your section. If you have any trouble getting the music to download, open, or print, please contact one of the staff via the contact page as soon as possible!


One major component to a successful percussion ensemble is being able to rely on each member to master their individual parts. Once each member has accomplished this, the productivity of group rehearsals increases significantly. In order to acheive mastery on your indivdual part, it's vital that each individual get into a regular practice schedule to work on the fundamentals taught at each camp. Utilizing precious group rehearsal time as individual practice time is not a good idea. We openly admit that drum line is hard work and requires additional group rehearsal time above and beyond regular band rehearsals. Conflicts inevitably happen; how and when you communicate them greatly determines the outcome.


  • Notebook and pencil
  • Music, Practice Pad, Sticks, Mallets
  • water jug (once outside)
  • sunscreen (once outside)
  • positive attitude!