Color Guard

Guard Audition Registration Form

Starting in the spring, color guard auditions will be held for the fall marching season. The audition dates have been carefully chosen to minimize conflicts with other Saydel activities. At the first audition you will receive instruction on dance basics and flag/weapon technique. At the second rehearsal you will review skills from the previous one and then expand on those concepts. The staff also uses this camp to measure your individual growth from the first camp. (i.e. how much did you practice/how well did you retain what you were taught?) After the 2nd rehearsal, staff will make the final membership selections for the fall marching season. Selections are based on ability to perform the skills you are taught, but also on your attidude, commitment, communication, and availbility! Once selections have been made, the selected members will need to attend the remaining camps throughout the rest of the school year and summer.


Performing in color guard is a big commitment! It is a lot of hard work and requires additional group rehearsal time above and beyond regular band rehearsals. That said, performing in color guard is incredibly rewarding and will provide great experiences and memories for years to come. It is expected that if you are chosen to be a member of this highly regarded group, you have fully considered your schedule and are able to make the commitment. Conflicts inevitably happen; how and when you communicate them greatly determines the outcome.

Color guard is a very aerobic activity. The better shape you are in, the better control you will have over your performance. Just as important is your core strength. Almost everything you do in color guard can be done better when your core is strong. Working on your core strength and general balance is a regular part of practice.


  • Notebook/Pencil (new members)
  • Practice flag/rifle (provided at 1st camp)
  • water jug (once outside)
  • sunscreen (once outside)
  • positive attitude!


When attending camps please wear black gym shorts or sweat pants and a black top. Clothing should allow easy body movement. Wear comfortable shoes as you will be on your feet all of rehearsal. We also ask that you wear your hair pulled back and off your face.